Mailing Address: 
PO Box 44, Wood Mountain, SK S0H 4L0
Administrative Director : Lara Moroz 
(306) 640 - 8603 cell 
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Director of Ministry and Outreach - Todd Moroz

(306) 640 - 8607 cell
CEO - Pastor Rick Hawreschuk
(306) 472-9184 Home, (306) 472 - 7949 cell
Ranch & Facilities Managers: Curtis and Char Hawreschuk 
(306) 266 - 9999 (land line)
House Parents - Darcy and Crystal Hoel
(306) 266 - 2032 (land line)
 Please be aware that cellular service in this area can sometimes be erratic. Leave a message or send us a text and we will respond promptly.
We at Broken Arrow encourage and make opportunity for family visitation while children and families are in our care. As well, we have an open invitation to our partners and friends in ministry. If you would like to visit the ranch, please give Darcy and Crystal a call and let us know you are planning a visit. We would be delighted to have you as our guest!
- Head south of Wood Mountain on highway #18 for 12 miles, [20 km].
- On the way you will pass the Wood Mountain Regional Park & Provincial Historic Park on the west side of the highway.
- As you travel south you will come up on the bench, (a level, straight stretch of road). Watch for the communication tower on the east side of the highway. 
- Turn right (west) at "Broken Arrow Ranch Road", (watch for sign), the first road past the tower, on the north side of a treed farm yard. The road is narrow and hilly. Winter road conditions can be hard to navigate. Therefore, if you are planning a visit to the Ranch, please call ahead to ensure the roads are in good driving condition.



Founders, Rick and Corinne AupperleThe vision for Broken Arrow Youth Ranch was given to a gracious couple, Rick and Corinne Aupperle in the '90's. The two, along with their one year old daughter, Coralee, moved to Wood Mountain in the spring of 1985. They moved from Saskatoon where Rick had been working as a pastor. Through God’s grace they were able to start a church. Over the next 21 years, the Aupperle family enjoyed watching the LORD grow His church. During this time in Wood Mountain the LORD planted a seed in Rick and Corinne's hearts regarding a ministry to youth. The Lord continued to deepen that desire to minister to families and youth in need. As a result, In the spring of 1997, Rick and his friend, Wes Bloom, traveled to Oklahoma to visit an organization called “Cookson Hills Christian Ministries” who have been successfully ministering to youth since 1957. They were welcomed with open arms by Lawrence and Ellen Hallum as well as Johnny and Karen Clarke. As Rick and Wes sat and listened to their vision for reaching youth it soon became clear that their philosophy of ministry would be what we would seek to develop up here in Canada. In that same year a group of Christian individuals were contacted and asked if they would consider becoming “ministry directors” for an organization entitled “Christ the Solid Rock Ministries.”

Our purpose at Broken Arrow Youth Ranch is to provide children with a safe, loving home, while parents seek out the help and recovery they need - allowing the whole family to heal and grow. Broken Arrow Youth Ranch is a family of believers, partnering with God and others, to bring about the transformation of future generations, one life at a time.

We serve parents overwhelmed with personal issues such as addictions, abuse, family illness, and unhealthy relationships, who are finding it extremely difficult to properly care for their children. This is where the Broken Arrow Youth Ranch can help. When serious addictions and major dysfunction is happening in the home, the Broken Arrow Youth Ranch is a place where children can be cared for while their parents or care givers are receiving counseling and rehabilitation. We serve families in need of help, whom without it, are putting their children at risk of being lost.

Broken Arrow Youth Ranch is a ministry helping families heal and grow. Through a private cooperative agreement we receive children under the age of 18 years, for a minimum of ONE year. Family reunification is our desire. However, should longer care be required, we will continue to maintain the cooperative agreement of care for as long as needed. We work collectively alongside existing programs and organizations, to help facilitate healing and growth in families. Youth experience life on a fully functioning and working ranch. They are nurtured in a positive family atmosphere using faith-based values. Youth are given the opportunity to be introduced and experience a relationship with the Lord, as they learn to love God, love others and love themselves.

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